Grilled pork chops and other delights of Wama

Their mashed potatoes are a cushioned cloud of deliciousness

In Summary

• From iced coffee to grilled pineapple, there is a wide variety to satisfy your palates

• The main course is presented so well, you salivate without having touched the meal

Caramel flavoured frappe
Caramel flavoured frappe
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Iced coffee is an amazing way to start one's day, and the caramel-flavoured frappe at Wama Africa did not disappoint. The consistency is perfect, not too foamy that you feel like you have been cheated off portions of your drink, and not too light that it feels as if you are just having flavoured water.

Amazingly, the flavour of the coffee does not get overlapped by the caramel flavour, and the drink is not too sugary. I was impressed by the fact that Wama does not use plastic straws in their establishment.

For the starter, I had the cream of mushroom soup that comes accompanied with small crouton squares and garnished with dill.

It is well flavoured and light on the tongue, though a little thick as well, a beautiful blend of smooth and creamy. The soup also has well cooked, soft chunks of boneless chicken pieces that go really well with its flavours.

For the main meal, I had grilled pork chops served with apple sauce and a side of mashed potatoes.

The presentation is really colourful and appealing to the eyes, totally makes you salivate without having touched the meal.

The serving of the pork chops is generous and they come layered with steamed broccoli and carrot chunks that add crunchiness and complement the meat as they are slightly sweet.

There is also a circular piece of grilled pineapple between the two pieces of pork chops that one is served.

The meat, glazed with barbecue sauce, is juicy, savoury and well grilled, though a little chewy as well.

The grilled pineapple adds juiciness and a stimulating flavour to the meat as the sugar from the fruit contrasts with the salt in the meat.

I did not like the apple sauce, but that's largely because I do not fancy apples in any cooked form. It was thick and really sweet, almost bordering on dessert concentrated with apple goodness.

Mashed potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Image: Saidi Abdallah

The mashed potatoes were the highlight of my dining experience at Wama. They are buttery, not too soft and well seasoned. It is like biting into a cushioned cloud of deliciousness.

I finished off the meal with a well-layered platter of fruits, which consisted of kiwi, watermelon and pineapple slices, with small bunches of seedless green and red grapes.

The fruit slices were ripe and juicy, a real delight. It was my first time trying the kiwi fruit, and that is a taste one has to slowly get acquainted with. It is soft and has a mix of tropical sweetness and tart sour taste.

The entire experience was such a delight, and my palates were well satisfied.

The staff is really friendly and the views are magnificent, making one to crave spending the entire day at the facility, absorbing the vibe and the fresh, cool breeze.

Wama’s menu caters to vegans, vegetarians, lactose and gluten-intolerant people. So if you fall under any of these categories, worry not when you do visit the facility. You'll still get to enjoy the full Wama experience.

To make a reservation or for more inquiries, do reach them on 0748745010.

Or their email address [email protected] and Wama Africa on Instagram and Facebook.