How to transform a pair of boring jeans into a pleated skirt

An easy step by step tutorial on how to make a pleated skirt

In Summary
  • After transforming the jeans into a skirt customizing it is optional
A pleated flippy hem denim skirt
A pleated flippy hem denim skirt
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Transforming a pair of jeans into a beautiful skirt with pleats can be a fun and creative project.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Materials Needed:

  1. Pair of jeans
  2. Fabric scissors
  3. Seam ripper
  4. Sewing machine or needle and thread
  5. Fabric for pleats (optional)
  6. Iron and ironing board


Choose Your Jeans

Select a pair of jeans that fit you well around the waist but are too large or long for your liking. High-waisted jeans work particularly well for this project.

Measure and Mark

Put on the jeans and decide how long you want your skirt to be. Use a fabric marker or chalk to mark the desired length of the jeans.

Cut the Jeans 

Take off the jeans and lay them flat on a table. Using fabric scissors, carefully cut along the marked line to remove the legs of the jeans. Make sure to cut straight across to ensure an even hem.

Remove Excess Fabric

If the jeans are too loose around the hips, you may need to take them in slightly. Use a seam ripper to remove the outer seams on both sides of the jeans up to the point where the waistband begins.

Then, try on the jeans and pin the excess fabric along the waist to fit comfortably. Sew along the pinned line, creating a new seam.

Create Pleats 

Decide how many pleats you want and how wide you want them to be. Typically, pleats are evenly spaced around the waistband. Use fabric markers or chalk to mark where you want each pleat to start and end.

Fold and Press

Starting at the marked points, fold the fabric inward to create each pleat. Use an iron to press the pleats in place, making sure they are crisp and even.

Secure Pleats

 Once you've pressed all the pleats, you can secure them in place by sewing along the top edge of the waistband. This will help the pleats stay in shape and prevent them from coming undone.

Optional: Add Pleat Fabric

If you want to add a different fabric for the pleats, cut strips of fabric to the desired width and length for each pleat.

Attach these fabric strips to the inside of the jeans, aligning them with the marked pleat lines, before folding and pressing.

Finish Hem

If necessary, hem the bottom edge of the skirt to your desired length. You can do this by folding the edge over twice and sewing along the fold to secure it.

Final Touches

Give your skirt a final press with the iron to smooth out any wrinkles and ensure the pleats are crisp and defined.

And there you have it! Your beautiful skirt with pleats is ready to wear. Feel free to customize it further by adding decorative stitching if desired.

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