How to find the right bra size

Knowing your band and cup size helps you choose the right bra size when shopping

In Summary
  • A bra comes in both a band size and a cup size.
  • Band sizes are in even numbers (34,32 etc) while cup sizes are in letter A, B, C etc.
A bra.
A bra.

Some women might find it difficult when it comes to choose the right bra size.

Bras are part of the woman’s outfit. They should be comfortable for any occasion, not too tight or too loose.

A bra comes in both a band size and a cup size.  The band runs from below your breast all the way to the back where you tie your bra, while your cup size is where your breasts rest in a bra.

So you might find the right band size but the wrong cup size and vice versa.

Knowing your band and cup size helps you choose the right bra size when shopping.

Also, consider the material, it should not irritate your nipple once you wear the bra.

Band sizes are represented by an even number (32, 34, 28), and the cup sizes are represented by a letter (A, B, C).

The size of your breasts can change because of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Here's how to find the right size:

Measure your bra size at home

As you measure wear a comfortable non-padded bra that fits you well.

Let your nipples settle between your shoulders and elbows. If they are lower tighten the bra straps, if they are higher, loosen them a bit.

Note the measurements down.

Band Measurements

Stand in front of a mirror, and using the tape measure, measure just below your breasts (from back to front, let the tape measure wrap around) to get the band size.

Make sure the tape measure is straight not at an angle for accurate measurements.

The tape should not be too tight or too loose.

Your band measurements should be in even numbers.

If it has a fraction round it off to the nearest number.

Bust size

Wrap the tape measure around your back at your breast's fullest point, preferably the nipple.

Measure your bust size when your breasts feel normal.

Use your fuller breast for the correct measurements.

Your measurements should be a whole number.

Now that you have your band size and bust size, subtract your band size from your bust size (bust size –band size).

Note the difference.

This will help you find your cup size. If your tape measure is in centimeters then divide the difference you get with 2.54 to get it in inches.

If the difference is above 5 inches then look at the company’s website for size charts to decide when shopping.

1 inch= A

2 inch =B

3 inch = C

4-inch =D

5 inch =DD

Bra size

Combine your band size and cup size to find your bra size

36 band measurements ­+B cup = 36B bra size.

When trying different brand bras if you change your band size then your cup size changes too.

If you want a larger band size then your cup size will be smaller. If you want a smaller band size, then your cup size will be bigger.

Larger band size = Down cup size

Smaller band size = Increase Cup size

Some boutiques offer professional help if you find it difficult.

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