Accessories to keep a man’s shirt tucked in

Most shirts end up forming varied folds

In Summary

• Tucked trunks are a brief that has a dual waistband with a strong non-slip grip

• Shirt stays are elastic (such as rubber) straps that fasten to the bottom of your shirt


Shirts are the most common items worn by men, either tucked in or left hanging loosely.

The tucked-in shirts are supposed to stay uniformly from the waist to the bottom.

However, most of them end up forming folds that are not uniform.

This is because people take part in several activities, including sitting, driving and bending.

There are a few tricks to ensure tucked-in shirts look neat and uniformly placed.


This is the easiest way to deal with keeping shirts neatly tucked in.

These are boxer briefs specially designed to keep the shirt tucked in.

The brief has a dual waistband with a strong non-slip grip that holds the shirt.

It also has a button system that interlocks with the shirt to ensure it remains in place.

The trunks are easy to use because they do not feel like an extra piece on your outfit.

Tucked trunks are made of lightweight material to make you comfortable.


These stays are mostly used by the military and armed forces because of their traditional style.

Shirt stays are elastic (for example, rubber) straps that fasten to the bottom of your shirt.

They are elongated and attached at a second lower point, such as your socks or the bottom of your foot.

Stays are the opposite of suspenders, which are pulled onto the shoulders, while stays are dragged to the legs.

The suspension of stays towards the bottom is what keeps the shirt neatly tucked in.

However, they feel a little bulky due to the extra element of straps pulling you from the waist.


A shirt keeper is a belt that goes around your shirt; it can be fixed just below the waist.

For it to keep the shirt intact, it has to be tied firmly.

But for people who have a belly, the belt becomes a bit uncomfortable, especially for long hours.

Other versions of the shirt keeper are used by sports officials, business professionals, military personnel, firefighters and police officers.


This is a magnet elevated to look like a tiny golf ball in shape on one side.

The man places one flat end of the magnet inside the shirt and the ‘golf ball’ is seen on the outside.

It is raised to ensure it holds on to the beltline when you fasten the belt.

The magnetuck is small and has a strong magnet, but it's placed on one side of the shirt, leaving the front and back unblemished.

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