Five ways men can rock a polo T-shirt

It can be plain, have vertical or horizontal stripes

In Summary

•Match the t-shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and a casual watch.

•Not every suit should be worn with a shirt and tie, you can as well wear a polo t-shirt.

Men's T-shirts
Men's T-shirts

A Polo T-shirt has short or long sleeves and a turnover collar or banded neck.

It can be plain or have vertical or horizontal stripes and can be worn by both men and women.


For the sporty look, it's good to note that this design can be worn to golf games.

Match the T-shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and a casual watch.

Ensure the belt and boat shoes have a matching colour to avoid looking overdressed.

For boat socks, wear boat socks that cover only the toes and the hind leg.

Avoid ankle or happy socks when wearing boat shoes.


The summer casual look involves bright colours like sky blue, pink and even purple.

But here you wear a pair of chino pants and not shorts like for the sporty attire.

The T-shirt colour should match the pants' colour.

Loafers are the most suitable type of shoes for the summer casual look, which is more relaxed.

Still, wear boat socks with the loafers and not ankle socks.

To spice up the whole look, add sunglasses and a casual watch.


Not every suit should be worn with a shirt and tie, you can as well wear a polo T-shirt.

For the casual suit look again, ensure the colours match.

If it's a cool colour suit, wear it with a shouting colour polo T-shirt.

If the suit itself is shouting, then wear it with a white, black or grey polo T-shirt.

Also match the belt, shoes and watches to avoid rocking many colours.

This look can be worn on evening dates and events.


A layered look involves blending several outfits together.

It has a touch of casual and formal designs.

Rock a denim shirt or jacket, white polo shirt and dark denim jeans.

This can also be worn as a denim suit matching the shirt and jeans.

Instead of wearing a denim shirt, one can choose to wear a cardigan sweater.

This is a soft material sweater with long sleeves and buttons at the front.


The rugged look, as well, is a blend of formal and casual, but official is most dominant.

Here, wear boots instead of boat shoes or loafers.

The upper part should have a classy jacket or blazer with one button and dark denim jeans.

A brown or black belt will also go well with this look.

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