Five must-have outfit designs for men

They range from the classy to the smart casual

In Summary

• Pick according to the need, that is the errand and suitability of events


Every man’s wardrobe should have a versatile set of outfits.

One should be able to pick different outfits to serve them, at least one outfit per day for the week.


This might look easy but at the same time, it’s not that simple.

Simple outfits are those which make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The items should be fitting, not too baggy and not too tight.

For instance, a baggy blazer hanging on your hands, or a trouser that is too tight for your legs.

This category is mostly for weekend outfits.

Put aside the sweatpants and rock a cool pair of jeans, T-shirt and sneakers.


Instead of wearing a boring black jeans during the weekend, add some accessories.

These include hats, caps, scarfs, matching watch and belt and a pair of sneakers.

If you feel like loafers or sneakers make the look boring, try on some boots.

Especially with the cold weather, boots are the best bet.


Dress up in a casual look to attend that date or even a meeting.

You don’t have to always a wear a boring, three-piece suit.

Try on a coat, shirt, khaki trouser and loafers.

This design requires a plain button-down shirt, which can be worn without a tie.

If you are attending a meeting for the first time in a new environment, leave behind the sneakers.


This is what was referred to as ‘mix and match’ in the nineties.

Here, you are not limited to matching a coat with official shoes.

Instead, you have the freedom to play around with several outfits.

You can wear a blazer with jeans or denim coat with khaki trousers.

Spice this up with a formal pair of sneakers that will not spoil the whole look.


For men, suits offer little variety of formal outfits, unlike for women.

What makes a formal design classier is how the accessories are placed.

For instance, black and navy blue suits are common, but when worn with a shouting half coat, it becomes better.

Or, wearing a floral tie and similar pocket square, not forgetting a lapel.

This is similar to tuxedo suits, here just play around with the colour of your shoes.