Easy steps for a long lasting makeup

5 Things that are making your makeup to melt away

In Summary

• Prepping the skin helps unclog pores and remove excess sebum produced by the skin, providing you with a clean 'canvas' for you to work on.

• Primers are not necessary but they help enhance the product by providing a smooth canvas for your makeup to blend easily.

powder and foundation brushes
powder and foundation brushes
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Let’s face it, applying full face makeup is work.

If you are someone who likes to do a full glam, in this January heat, it can take a good amount of time to get it perfect.

You step out of the sun and you are “melting away”.

According to Nairobi based Makeup artist Jackeline Wairimu, there are several steps you can take to give your foundation extra staying power.

“The most important thing to do when doing a full face makeup is to prep your skin,” Wairimu told the Star.

“For oily skin types, removing that extra oil that sits on the face and ensures that makeup goes evenly and stay put,” she said.

Cleanse your face to prep it for the beat
Cleanse your face to prep it for the beat
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Wairimu advised prepping the skin; this helps to remove the dirt and unclog the pores following this up by toning helps return the PH of the skin to normal or slightly acidic.

Afterwards,  moisturizing and priming the skin as the final stages before makeup application.

“It's important that you don’t just buy any product; oily skin types and normal skin types use different cleansers, primers and moisturizers, therefore, understanding your skin type will help you make the right choice,” Wairimu said.

She said primers are not necessary but they help enhance the product by providing a smooth canvas for your makeup to blend easily.

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“A light solution of a primer helps to seal the pores, mattify the skin and help reduce the production of oil depending on the primer type,” she said.

She advised oily skin types to opt for a mattifying primer to give your foundation all day staying powder and a flawless finish.

Wairimu advised on using minimal powder as when you start sweating, the powder might appear chalky, enhancing imperfections and smile lines.

“If the powder is necessary, apply it on your T-zones, otherwise, deep cleanse or mask before makeup application, a clay or charcoal mask is ideal,” she said.

Getting a foundation that is lightweight is also key, as, during hot days, your skin will want to breathe, Wairimu says going for a foundation with a lightweight, breathable feel which provides full matte coverage and covers imperfections can help you achieve that.

T zone ares
T zone ares
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“What Kenyan’s don’t do is go for a skin test, Skin tests help a person to know more about their skin type and products they can use on their skin, from skincare to makeup,” Wairimu said.

Baking, putting excess powder on the skin to “cook” makeup on the face is also another method celebrities on the red carpet are using.

“Baking helps set the makeup in place and offers flawless results,” Wairimu says.

bake your makeup for 15 min
bake your makeup for 15 min
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“Do this after applying your foundation and concealer then brush off excess powder after 10 to 15 minutes,” she said.

Lastly, finishing off with a setting spray as the final step in the makeup application is also key.

“This helps lock in the foundation to prevent, smudging, creasing and fading. It does this by melting all the layers of makeup together and prolonging the wear. It is very essential for those prone to melty makeup,” she said.