Lip gloss users get natural option

We are entering an area with not a lot of precedent, Halima says

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• HH Glam lip gloss touted as a game changer in the cosmetics industry

Halima with her beauty product
Halima with her beauty product

As the world continues to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic and movement restrictions, law student Halima has launched a naturally made lip gloss for all.

Speaking to the Star, Halima said she started her company HH Glam in June last year, and the major challenge has been the formulation of all organic makeup products.

"Our products are natural and they haven’t been done before in Kenyan, so we are entering an area with not a lot of precedent," she said.

"But we have happy to work hard to be the first to set the precedent behind organic and natural makeup in Kenya and East Africa."


Halima says by now, she has realised that not everyone can venture into the cosmetic business unless you have the chops for the business.

"The makeup industry has suffered during corona pandemic due to unavailability of necessary material, delayed imports and many are tight on money, now they tend to spend their funds more on essentials," she said.


HH Glam has also manufactured 3ply Covid-19 masks that are Kebs-approved.

"We also want to put out a fund to good use and donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of our lip glosses to ‘For The Love of Girls' organisation," Halima said.

The organisation has a 'Periods in a Pandemic Campaign’ to help provide for women and girls in need all over Kenya with proper menstrual sanitation during this pandemic.

On why lip gloss, Halima says the business has always been her passion, with lip gloss being her favourite.

"I believe it is such a staple product that every woman needs, and it can go with any kind of look and even the days when you don’t want to apply any makeup, our gloss will give you that natural beauty look," she said.

Halima says cosmetics is her predominant passion in life and law is the second.


"Law is a key necessity in life, and it has and will continue to be vital to my current business and brand. I am also at university studying law because I believe no matter your passion, education is a necessity," she said.


She says hers are the first all-organic/natural makeup brand in Kenya. "However, we do admire and would like to emulate the industrial dominance of brands such as Suzie beauty, Pauline cosmetics and Huda cosmetics," she said.