Sophia goes too deep undercover

Sophia give suspect an offer he can’t refuse and Makini can't stand

In Summary

• Makini is worked up by new neighbour confessing to crimes with impunity


Daniel D Siva, the newest denizen in Jiji Ndogo, is either the most prolific criminal in the history of our country, or he is the biggest braggart to be born of a woman. His first tale was robbing his employer of 15 years of untold sums in illegal cash tender being laundered around the world. But he doesn’t stop there.

“You want to know what I did with some of the money?” he says. “Check this out. I meet this guy from the Coast, right? He tells me we can make a boatload of money, but we need money to make money. His plan is simple. We will sell a warehouse full of tea.”

“You do know we’re police officers, right?” I ask him.

“Shut up, Makini.” Sophia is all rapt. “Go on, Dee.”

“So, this guy, he takes me to this big warehouse full of government tea, right? We bribe the guards for a day off and bring our own people. Then we hire five large SUVs and pick our mark, a German merchant, from the hotel, and bring him to the warehouse. We walk him around. He can’t believe his luck. Tonnes of tea for the taking at rates well below market.”

“Does he go for it?”

“Does he, or does he? We go back to his hotel, sign the papers and he makes a bank transfer. When he goes back a week later… Well, you can guess his shock.”

“Are you aware that you’re confessing to crimes?” I say. “If we can prove any of this, you’re going to jail.”

“I didn’t last this long by being a moron, Sergeant. Besides, these are victimless crimes.”

“What do you mean, victimless crimes?”

“My former boss was a criminal. So was the guy who wanted to buy illegal tea. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. If anything, I’m doing a better job of getting bad guys out of business than you are.”

“Is that so?” I grab him by the collar.

Sophia separates us. “Makini, can I see you outside for a minute.”

By the time we’re out the door, I’m seething. “We should arrest this guy.”

“Again, Makini, arrest him for what?”

“He can’t be making all this up.”

“I have a plan.”

“Yeah? What plan?”

According to my partner Sgt Sophia, who considers herself a better cop than three of me combined, she could find out more if she went undercover.

“What good will that do?” I say, all my insecurities in full view.

“Relax, Makini. I’ll get the truth out of this guy in no time.”

Sophia’s idea of undercover is pretending to be interested in Mr Siva, and since Mr Siva has had an eye on her since he arrived, that works out real easy.

“You have to wear a wire,” I say.

“A wire? Like surveillance equipment?”

“Yes. You’re my fiancé. I have to hear everything you two talk about.”

She laughs so hard I begin to be offended. “Makini, look around you. We’re in Jiji Ndogo. And you’re talking about me wearing a wire?”

“Okay, then. I’ll have to be within hearing distance at all times.”

“C’mon, hon. Seriously? Even when we go to bed?”

“What do you mean when you go to bed? You’re not planning on… on…”

“On what—sleeping with the guy?”

“You can’t do that. Would you?”

She pats me on the chest. “Makini, sometimes a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do. Even if it means making some sacrifices for the sake of justice. You do want us to arrest this guy, don’t you?”

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