November, the month of thanksgiving

At every point in life, we always have one thing or a special someone to be grateful for

In Summary

• We have all grown accustomed to the month of November being for thanksgiving 

A family shares a thanksgiving meal
A family shares a thanksgiving meal

Being thanksgiving month, I believe that we are all grateful for a number of things.

I am grateful for this year has been a blessing to me in very many ways.

I am sure quite a number of you are not familiar with what this holiday is all about.

Thanksgiving is a national US holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

In the African culture, we were never brought up to have a month of the year where we categorically celebrate thanksgiving.

Most of us even know about the holiday through Christmas films that we used to watch on TV.

Families come together to enjoy a bountiful dinner headlined by stuffed turkeys and mashed potatoes.

We have always known it as an American holiday.

Being raised in a religious household, we had thanksgiving Sundays and different services on different select dates.

There is no specific day to give thanks.

Even as a family, we can go to church with a portion of our harvest and bring it to the altar to say thank you.

I believe thanksgiving spreads across all denominations and is celebrated on different days.

Even outside religion, there is a day or a moment when we are grateful for something and we celebrate.

This holiday, however, is not only celebrated in the US but also in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Grenada, Japan, Liberia, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

These are just but a few states that celebrate thanksgiving.

But we have all grown accustomed to the month of November being a thanksgiving month.

A number of my friends have even held dinners with family, relatives and their other friends.

It’s not, however, a nationally recognised holiday. 2022 is now on its last mile.

Soon, we will be wishing each other a happy New Year. What are you grateful for in the year 2022?

Is it someone or something that has happened in your life?

How exactly have you shown that you are grateful?

We Africans have an interesting way of showing gratitude.

We always come accompanied by goodies.

Going to a baby shower, visiting someone’s house, a graduation party, wedding party, tradition dictates carrying something to show gratitude.

People normally say words are enough, but we are African.

My mother has taught me always to say thank you by giving something in return.

Even if I am not able to get something to give, say it by word of mouth and then send a gift later on.

We always ought to be grateful and before this year comes to an end, let’s get in the spirit of thanksgiving.

Being thankful is honourable and humble.

It is nice to be seeing those videos and photos on social media, where we have converted the TV family times to actual happy family dinners.

It’s not so American anymore.

It is an international affair spread across several states on different days.

You may have failed to show gratitude the whole year, but let the year not end without you saying thank you.

Tradition has not changed but has evolved.

The good thing is that our cultural thanksgiving practices are still there, but a twist has been added to them.

Thanksgiving doesn't necessarily have to be in November, but at least it serves as a reminder to say thank you.

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