Bad time to talk to the violence victim

A well-meaning chat could have dire consequences

In Summary

• Boss tries to make amends with the client after he signed big advertising deal

Naivasha Subcounty Referral Hospital
Naivasha Subcounty Referral Hospital
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“My doctor has all my records. I will see him the moment I’m discharged,” I say to my boss. “No more tests, please, that’s my only condition.”

“I don’t know,” he says. “Why not call your doctor to see you in here?”

I need to change tack; my boss is raising valid points. There’s nothing to stop my doctor from seeing me in this hospital.


“I just got you one of the biggest contracts your company has ever signed. Do you want it getting out how I accomplished that?” I ask him. “The more tests they run on me in here, the more people will discuss what I have and worse, know what I was doing to Chris…”

I trail off; I can see I’m finally getting through to him. The 48 Laws of Power are clear about what you need to do to get someone to do what you want. Mercy and gratitude won’t work, only self-interest. If my boss thinks his company will be held to ridicule, he will not let that doctor anywhere near me.

“Yes, yes, you may be right,” he says. “No point letting all this get out.”

Relief washes over me and I fall back into my pillows. No tests. My 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card is still intact. Hallelujah.

“Promise me,” I say.

“I promise, no more tests,” he says. “Get some rest. I want to go see Chris.”

“What? Why?” I ask.


“What do you mean? I need to make sure he’s okay. He’s now our biggest client,” my boss retorts.

“It’s just that we didn’t talk, he may not know what caused the eh, uh…” my voice trails off.

“That’s why I want to see him, to tell him it was an accident,” my boss reassures me.

“What about his wife? Is she here?” I ask suddenly, getting a feeling of dread.

“I have no idea,” my boss responds. “Get some rest, I’ll fill you in later.”

“She is the one who introduced me to Chris,” I say. “If she knows what I was doing with him, our contract is as good as dead.”

My boss pauses. I can’t believe it actually hadn’t occurred to him. What a dummy. You can’t hide the fact that you no longer have a penis to your wife.

“The contract is legally binding, we can sue them,” he says.

I wince. I think biting a man’s penis off falls under ‘unforeseeable events occurring’ that may declare it void, but I say nothing. Rest sounds good. I have a throbbing headache.

“Let me go see how he’s doing. Everything else will come together if the doctors successfully re-attach him,” he says.

Again I say nothing. I honestly can’t see any scenario in which Chris keeps our magazine as his primary advertising driver. We will be a constant reminder of what must be the most traumatic experience he has ever had.

And my boss actually thinks that this is the best time to go talk to him? While all this is still fresh in his mind, and he's going into surgery if he hasn’t already? I’m trying to remember if the doctor mentioned that. Everything is blurry. I need to sleep. Is my boss going to leave already or what?

A nurse returns with painkillers. I down them quickly. She finally takes charge and tells my boss I need to rest. He doesn’t linger after that. He says his goodbyes and leaves. I use the dimmer to turn down the lights. Finally. Peace and quiet. The painkillers begin to kick in. I’m asleep in a few minutes.