Kiana Ledé’s 'Myself' EP

The simplicity that builds 'Myself' grounds its intensity

In Summary

• It is a six-track EP that greatly explores the relatable and at the same time stays entertaining 

Kiana Lede's "Myself" EP coverart
Kiana Lede's "Myself" EP coverart
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Title: Myself - EP

Artiste: Kiana Ledé

Genre: R&B/ Soul


Release: June 7

The effortlessly Kiana Ledé Brown is not new to the entertainment scene. She’s achieved quite a lot, including starring on the second season of MTV's horror series ‘Scream’. But what solidifies her place in the scene is her soothing music.  She can boast of impressive works like 2015’s EP ‘Soulfood Sessions’ and 2018’s ‘Selfless’, where she openly signals intimacy and everything that revolves around it.

Her most recent work, christened ‘Myself’, is an 18-minute EP that carries on with the narrative of a 22-year-old. On this EP, you can tell that the artiste wants to be wanted, her pain to be felt and also her music to be enjoyed. Well, it is a six-track EP that greatly explores the relatable and at the same time stays entertaining. 

The EP kicks off with “Can I,” a track that sees the artiste find herself in a truly emotionally thoughtful place over the person she loves. On “Shawty,” she explains why she needs some time away from her lover as a way of strengthening the relationship. Migos’ Offset lands a feature on the pop tune “Bouncin,” which presents the effort with a fun, upbeat, danceable moment.

On “If You Hate Me,” Kiana explores a troubled relationship full of strained moments, despite the artiste still being hopeful. Jenifer Lewis joins Kiana on the soulful tune “Heavy,” a track that sees both artistes detail how life can be tough, and dealing with anxiety even when everything is alright. The EP closes out with “EX,” a tune that brings out the idea of wanting to be close to your ex-lover and not acting like enemies even after a breakup. 

The simplicity that builds “Myself” grounds its intensity. Some singers would have probably done this differently, but Kiana has a way of confiding and detailing experiences like she’s experienced them first-hand. As she continues to refine her sound and prepare us for a major project, the one thing we can all agree with is that when she sings, we believe everything. 

Star rating: 3 out 5