Netflix now has Swahili subtitles

Kenyans on Twitter are finding the subtitles hilarious and incorrect.

In Summary

• Kenyans on Twitter have found this hilarious.

Netflix building
Netflix building

Last week, Netflix introduced Swahili subtitles to its TV and film services. Kenyans that use Netflix took to Twitter to speak on the hilarity of this situation.

Particularly because the subtitles are inaccurate and are making the users laugh.

Thinguri said, “Hire me, I can do a better job on your Swahili subtitles than your current”.

Kenan‏ said, “These Netflix Swahili subtitles are just fine. At the end of the day, Netflix is an entertainment content provider. And those subtitles are hella entertaining.”

Many pointed out the hilarious and inaccurate nature of the subtitles.

“My goodness! Swahili subtitles on Netflix are hilarious! Your highness-urefu wako. Did Uganda do this?” Serah said.

“If you love to laugh, and comedy isn’t working, turn on Netflix’s Swahili subtitles ... it will crack you to a magical world and back!” Nizz said.

“Netflix translations to Swahili are odd... And inaccurate. Which makes me doubt all the other programs I've watched with subtitles... Have they been all wrong??” Miriam said.

Dennis said, “I get on Netflix and there we have Swahili subtitles. I am like waaauuuu this is amaaaazing!! But then I am trying to read the subtitles and I am like ...”

“Swahili subtitles on @netflix are hilarious. They're using pretty flawed translation software or someone pranked them. If you're in a laugh out loud mood switch them on. Exhibit A, Bodyguard Episode 2 recap: English: Get out of the toilet! Swahili subtitles: Ondoa choo!” Kahinga said.


Eric said, “So meanwhile @netflix is now doing swahili subtitles and getting it all wrong.”

Patrick said, “Someone most likely a Kenyan advised Netflix to have those swahili subtitles to appeal to the mass market because middle class are a handful. And you wonder how that person even got that far to that boardroom.”