Poll appeal from the anthem of our nationhood

August 9 calls on each of us home and abroad to think as Kenyans

In Summary

• Let’s join hands and work together to make this election a success

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God has seen us past seven months of 2022 as a nation. We are now in a new month, where our impending national elections are located. After this weekend, Kenyans will take time from their everyday duties and elect fresh leaders or give leaders a fresh mandate. May God guide us Kenyans in making choices that wise are?

God of blessings is kind to us. Kenya. This is a land that is the cradle of mankind. Here evidence has been unearthed that shows the history of the earth and its human population from a scientific perspective. This is a blessed land. This is the womb of Mankind. Here the umbilicus of a species is buried. Kenya.

God of Justice is our shield and defender. This homeland of Kenyans is surrounded by six nations. Uganda to the East and Tanzania to the south are congenital siblings. South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia complete the national neighbourhood.

Deadly foes of our nation like al Qaeda at times wake up with the sun from our east. Deadlier has been our foe from Somalia, who we meet with our national defence forces. Yet deadliest is the foe of tribalism within our national souls. May God defend us from this enemy within.

Let us have brotherhood and sisterhood that sews great rifts that set us asunder. Let us heal those yawning holes with threads of peace and freedom. This month, which is brand new, let us make choices that will offer our families happiness and prosperity.

Secondly, awake, our brethren and sistren. On the 9th of August, walk to your stations of vote and vote. There are many qualities Kenyans share as a nation, and a common one is love for hard work. The hard work of building Kenya is primarily that of Kenyans themselves. The hardest work ever made in Kenya is that of building this nation. It is the noblest work ever for anyone who Kenyan is. We do it as a duty whenever we come out and vote. Vote.

Let us give ourselves mightily to that duty at hand. It is the same way that we give our answers to be counted at each of the national census. We do so with love that the land given to us as inheritance by those who came before us shall live. Let it live through our acts of voting. Let it not die or be diseased by our acts on the 9th.

Thirdly, let us build our nation on the firm foundation of tolerance. Let us dig the holes for the poles of diversity, for it is Heaven itself that made this land a residence for it. We pray on Fridays facing Mecca. We pray on Saturdays as a holiest of days. We pray on Sundays with churches whose crosses face Heaven. We pray with those from lands across the Indian Ocean. We do so for the betterment of this land and its dwellers. Pray.

Yes, that is our responsibility. It is the exact reason why this month is greater than the others in 2022. It is the reason why this weekend is superior to the others in this August. It is the exact time that calls upon each one of us at home and abroad to think as Kenyans. The responsibility to be Kenyan is at its apogee.

Kenya deserves respect. It is respected on the great marathon tracks of great cities of the West and the East. It is respected on the local and international atlases of literature and liberation. Kenya is the land to the east of Africa whose voice is deemed vital in navigation of the 21st Century. This land that we call home is the dwelling of the hopes of 1 billion other Africans for whom it stands, stable and spectacular as an icon of decolonisation.

Let's join hands and work together to make this election a success. It is the duty of the government and institutions to prepare the framework of these august polls. It is the duty of the people of the land to make the poll happen. Let it happen as a mark of sobriety on the conscience and mind of a great continent awakened.

Together at work and together at home, with our conscience and with profound consciousness of the past. As one family and as individuals whose destiny intermeshed is. Come the 9th of August 2022, let us do something which will make our generation and those that came before and will come after us be proud to say this five lettered word of our land of five neighbours: K. E. N. Y. A. If we do so, together, we will always be, with great gratitude to our Creator.


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