Spoken word poetry is a divine catalyst -Priest the Poet

In Summary

• Apart from spoken word, Njoroge is a multi-talented award-winning artist, content creator, singer, radio host, and voice-over artist.

The power of the spoken word is one of life's greatest mysteries. 

Spoken word artist Samuel Njoroge alias Priest the poet is one Kenyan who has vowed to change the society through spoken word.

Apart from spoken word, Njoroge is a multi-talented award-winning artist, content creator, singer, radio host, and voice-over artist.

The versatile creative was born 27 years ago to a single mum. But the challenges he went through have not dimmed his light.

In an interview with The Star, Njoroge revealed that his first passion was acting. He whoever changed his mind after he 'bumped' into Spoken Word.

"Before my indulgence to spoken word, I acted in theatrical plays and also sang in catholic youth festivals.

This played a major role in building who I am right now."

He chose to diversify and choose something that would make him unique

" I felt the urge to stand out on my own when it comes to originality and uniqueness.

After I experienced spoken word poetry I felt it was the perfect fit for me to drive my energy and focus on what I had envisioned.

I've been using my acting and musical skills in executing productive pieces under my preferences."

He says Spoken Word has helped him become a better individual.

"Spoken word has changed my way of thinking when faced with challenges not only while prepping for events but also in real-life situations.

It has also made me better my writing skills and improved my muscle memory.

It has also taken me to international countries (He is set to visit INDIA New Delhi for INDIAN FESTIVALS.

Spoken word has made me dine with kings not forgetting the monetary beneficiaries.'

How would you describe the Spoken Word as an art?

" It is a medium through which I as an individual can find my voice, express myself authentically, and contribute to important conversations.

Spoken word poetry is deeply personal, and what inspires me as a person may not be the same for another.

Spoken word poetry to me is like a divine catalyst between the real world and the spiritual realm."


"My poetry is intended to be shared in a live, in-person performance or through documented recordings.

What sets my spoken word pieces apart is my unique approach to spoken word by infusing musical fusions that add an extra layer of depth to my performance.

And building a priestly character with intros and outros among other elements like hip-hop and storytelling, to invoke and provoke powerful and emotional experiences for the audience.

What inspires his pieces?

My topics on spoken word poetry can range from personal experiences to social and political issues, and any other subject matter that it's in my best of wish to express.

Spoken word is my place of safety, refuge, and sanctuary."

Priest the Poet was 2022 named Best Spoken Word Artist of the Year during an event held at the 70th anniversary of Kenya Cultural Centre PAL.

He was also named Best Spoken Word Personality of the Year 2022 at GREAT RIFT VALLEY AWARDS 2022 Nakuru.

How did it feel to win this award?

" It felt incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. It was a validation of my hard work, talent, and dedication to this poetry niche and the art endeavor.

The feeling of accomplishment that came with winning an award, up to date has often been indescribable and of profound impact.

When making these achievements I normally experience a surge of happiness, excitement, and gratitude and It is a moment of triumph where my efforts and skills are recognized and celebrated by others.

They've made me build my self-confidence, reaffirm my abilities, and provide a sense of validation and with that, am forever in gratitude towards those who supported and believed in me." 

Who are his role models?

"As an artist, I look up to J Cole internationally.

Locally I look up to King Kaka for his diversity in the art world in terms of branding not forgetting Nyashinski, Mufasa the poet, Teardrops, and Khaligraph."


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