Singer Joyce Wamamaa nearly blinded after attack

The singer said the incident had left her shaken

In Summary

• The singer said the incident had left her shaken

• Joyce was celebrating her birthday at the time.

Joyce Wamamaa, Kikuyu Musician
Joyce Wamamaa, Kikuyu Musician

Kikuyu musician Joyce Wamamaa was nearly blinded after a certain woman threw a corrosive substance at her.

(Corrosive solids, such as sodium hydroxide and phenol, can cause burns to the skin and eyes. Dust from corrosive solids can be inhaled and cause irritation or burns to the respiratory tract. Many corrosive solids, such as potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, can produce considerable heat when dissolved in water)

Wamamaa who is popularly known for her collaboration with singer Samidoh 'Wendo Wi Cama' was at a party along Kangundo Road celebrating her birthday when an assailant attacked her by throwing a liquid at Wamamaa's face.

Moses Ngige had written on Twitter yesterday saying, "As Joyce wa Mamaa was celebrating her birthday last night at a popular joint along Kangundo road, unidentified woman sprayed her and other artists with unknown liquid that almost turned them blind."

Before adding,

"Apparently, the lady who splashed an itchy liquid to Joyce Wamamaa and other top Kikuyu musicians last night, had failed to secure a deal to Bake Wamamaa's Birthday Cake. Makasiriko Galore.."

A source confirmed the news to this writer, adding that it could have been a beef the person had with the singer.

Speaking to Nation about the incident, Joyce said that the incident "Had left me and several of my colleagues shaken but [we are fine]”. I think we were panicky, but all is well now and my fans [have] nothing to fear.”

And what had been thrown, she responded: "It was a liquid and it was bitter in the eyes as well as corrosive on the skin."

But thankfully the liquid hadn't caused any damage and that her "eyesight is intact".

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