'It hurts when someone belittles it,' Radull speaks on divorce

In Summary

•Carol Radull started the Score Kenya show on Kiss 100 in 2006 and will be celebrating 14 years in a few month's time.

•She worked for BBC and Reuters before joining Radio Africa.

Caroll Radull
Caroll Radull

Carol Radull has been in the media industry for more than 20 years. 

The media personality who's the CEO of the Jaza Stadi initiative and an avid Arsenal fan hosts the Score Kenya, a sports show on Kiss 100 every Saturday afternoon. Radull started the show back in 2006 and will be celebrating 14 years in a few months time.

She worked for BBC and Reuters before joining giant media group Radio Africa.

The ever-smiling celebrity was the guest on the Upclose with Betty programme hosted by Betty Kyallo on Friday and she talked about her childhood, family, career, and relationships. Radull divorced her husband a few years ago and talking about it, she said, "I was married for seven years and it wasn't bad. It was great six years and then one year was a bit rough. But having been in an institution of marriage is not something you easily jump into again."

She continued, "The lessons I learnt I would never say anything negative publicly about my ex-husband. I believe he was a good man and I was in love with him when we were married but things just change and you grow apart for whichever reason. Maybe he is just not meant to be the one. By the time you've got there how many people have you dated and it has not worked out? You can't assume that maybe he just came along a time when we were ready. I learnt a lot in the institution of marriage and if it doesn't work don't force it."

There's stigma surrounding divorcees and Radull urged the society not to be judgmental.

"If you asked me this four years ago when I was going through it I would probably be in tears because people need to understand it is not an easy thing," she told Betty. " You don't wake up and decide this relationship is too hard, I'm getting a divorce. It's not a cheap decision you make. You give it a lot of thought, try seven times seven times and even after making the decision as you go through it's not easy.  A year later even. You always ask yourself is this something I could have done?" she said.

She added, "People need to understand that it actually hurts when somebody belittles it and I pray people don't have to go through it. It's hard Betty you've been there but there's life after it [divorce]."

Advisng divorcees, she said, "Beat yourself up and if you're lucky enough to find happiness in somebody else maybe that's what was meant to be."

Asked if she she was planning to walk down the aisle again she responded saying,

"Not yet. I haven't been asked so I cannot assume I'm getting married."