Beware, here are signs she's in love with your husband

In Summary

• She loves him because he’s settled, no drama like the young lads running after her money, he doesn’t have to visit or spend in her house

A song is sang about two lovers who have something so beautiful going on and yet so wrong. ~Secret Lovers`.

As much as the two lovers feel their affair is wrong, they love the exhilaration it brings.  However, they are very aware that they must tread carefully in their actions, for the survival of their current relationship depends on their secrecy.  This song reminds me of a category of mature adults, who have perfected this art in their lives in this time and age and seated beside me was that exact lady. She comes in a rush and grabs a seat beside me. This is my friend and she's just from a date with a man she describes as a beautiful soul.

She looks very happy and for a moment there I’m envious of her love. `I love that man`. My friend bursts out and the joy and smile on her face says it all. You see my friend is in this category of mature ladies, financially independent; they can treat you out and pay the bills and they know what they are looking for in life. Most of these ladies have been through wrong relationships, most are single parents and hacking it and have no intentions of being married again. My friend has found love as she puts it in this married man. She feels at peace that she does not have to worry about his whereabouts, as she says if he is not with her, he is at home.

This man treats her very well and is not rushed and she doesn’t pressure him into anything. This lady is not looking for money, she has her own. She looks for emotional support, a partner to talk to, someone to make her feel good and this gentleman has perfected that art. These ladies target are married folk, who are either frustrated or not, the widows or the old that are still looking for something exciting, probably challenging or anything to affirm their manhood every now and then. And that is your husband! Well unlike the slay queens and the college girls running after your man because of money and finer things in life, these women are after your husband for love, peace of mind and constant affirmation. When this is done and well, this lady as my friend would put it, finally can confidently say, I love her husband.

`Sex is overrated` is a statement that can`t be truer when it comes to this relationship. This in fact is viewed as bonus to the relationship. What she is looking for is not on the surface, it is deeper things of the soul.  Indeed, this lady is not infatuated or confused by your husband,.

On the other hand, she loves him because he’s settled, no drama like the young lads running after her money, he doesn’t have to visit or spend in her house, because God knows she can`t and doesn't want to deal with the snoring and sharing of a bed. He shows up in his best looks, well groomed, treats her like the queen she is. They both share a unique connection and with the fact that they don`t live together, don`t meet often, the magic in their affair can last up to years.  Well they both have their cake and can eat it.

 `Oh don’t hate on me` my friend said, `because by me being in love with her man it is totally to her benefit. By keeping this man happy it trickles down to her`. 

This woman has perfected the art and will encourage the man to spend time with family, buy you finer things in life, treat you right….in other words if you do not suspect anything amiss then life works well. She keeps herself busy on weekends, does not call him when he is with you, she doesn’t allow him to do a misstep that might lead to drifts and wars at home. After all she is not looking for a husband, so keep him for now.

This man has been married to the wife and clearly six years down the line he fell in love with someone else and remained committed to the wife. Having spent time picking him up and feeding him and even helping him into the lovely man he is now, the ladies are ready to pouch on him. He looks great of course because the wife has dusted him and made him attractive. However, being that the wife has stopped noticing him, someone else seems to pay him more attention and enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

As someone once said, if she has a job, her own car, pays her own bills and lives comfortably, understand what she wants is loyalty not your money. Most married men have realised this and picked it and ran off with it. They are happier, and they don`t have to do so much to make her happy. This lady loves what this man is giving her, which money can’t buy, and she will do everything to ensure your throne is okay so her kingdom can remain established. This woman is the one to either love or hate but she`s not stopping at least not for now.