Revealed: Wonder powder Kenyan women use to tighten reproductive organs

Revealed: Wonder powder women use to tighten reproductive organs

In Summary

•Social media is awash with images of girls living a lifestlye beyond their means.

•Many young women have turned to this pill for better sex with a guy  key to a glamorous life.

"After using the powder, I was so tight. The  man couldn't get enough of me."

This is the confession of one woman after using what she calls 'miracle' reproductive organ rejuvenating and tightening powder.

Martha Njoroge (not her real name) is a student at UoN.

The 23-year-old  says the powder has reignited her bedroom affairs with her 'sponsor' and she is confident he will not leave her for another young girl .

"If a man enjoys it with you, he will cling to you and do as you say," Martha said.

Martha refers the writer to the woman who sells the 'miracle' drug known as pink taco powder.

On making a call, the seller says she's out of the product until she receives her next consignment in a week.
The seller admits she does not know the ingredients, but insists it is 'all natural'.

"It is pure herbal. real medicine which comes from the earth not the lab," the seller claimed.

"The product is working wonders, that's why they keep coming back for more powder. After a week, we deplete our stock of pink taco. Ladies literally scramble for it."

The powder retails for Sh2,800.

The seller says the powder should be inserted  40 mins to 1 hour before having intercourse. 

She says feeling a tingling sensation means the 'herbs' are working.

A dose which costs Sh2,800 can be used for three nights. 

"I can assure you the man will propose to you and give you everything you need," she said.


Jane  Awuor was in her late 30s when she first noticed a change in her attitude towards sex with her husband, Gregg.

“I never spoke to him about it, but sex was just like I couldn't care less,” she said.

Over the years, Awuor, now 66, found ways to dodge her husband when he wanted his conjugal rights.

"I’d often go to bed early, and get up before he did. "

She says she found a solution in pink taco.

"My friend had used it after giving birth to tighten her walls. I was skeptical that it would increase my sexual desire," Awuor said.

But her desperation led her to try it and she says she doesn't regret it.

"It increased my libido. I feel 18 again. I am requesting for my fifth order. It has boosted my esteem in bed," she said.


Gynecologist Dr Faith Mwangangi of Nazareth Hospital discourages the use of products to tighten a woman's reproductive organ.

"Tightening the vagina is done by the vaginal muscles so I don't know how a local powder, pill or cream can do the job," she said.

She said  putting powder  would not only be uncomfortable, but it also has the potential to cause damage and disrupt the natural environment of the organ.

"The organ is a delicate beast with an important balance of healthy bacteria. Any type of douching and you’re risking discomfort, irritation, and infection,"she said.

The reproductive expert  said adding the powder in the organ can mess with the PH balance.

Mwangangi says there are various different ways in which women can carry out pelvic floor exercises.

 "The easiest is to sit or stand comfortably with knees slightly apart and then draw up the pelvic floor muscles as if trying to avoid passing urine or flatus.’