Trendsetter: Arrow Bwoy's fail-safe formula of making endless hits

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

You know that upbeat, incredibly catchy afro pop, party track with the amazing vocals and tuneful melody that you can’t get off your head? It’s probably by Arrow Bwoy.

The artiste signed under Kaka Empire has had a tremendous year in music, releasing some of the dopest tunes of 2018. It’s important to highlight that hardly do we get to see an upcoming artiste whose name seems to come up every so often but his presence seems rare. It’s almost an anomaly, but the kid seems to be operating from his own separate script.

Kenyan pop music pioneers might have paved the way for Arrow Bwoy’s seductive style, but even they never took it to such ecstatic extremes. Being a great singer has never been the only requirement for making enjoyable music. It takes a whole lot, including vision and spirit, qualities well represented by the “Jango Love” hitmaker.

His versatility is one of the reasons that, alongside Otile Brown and NaiBoi, Arrow Bwoy is one of Kenya’s pre-eminent musical ambassadors. If you’ve been keen enough, you can tell that the entire Kaka Empire might be out chasing hits now with a more familiar sound similar to that of Arrow Bwoy.

As far as the music is concerned, Arrow Bwoy owes the architect behind these addictive tunes a great one. With tracks like “Lover Man,” “Dodo” and “Shikisha”, he has managed to give his fans club-destined anthems to keep them entertained on a night out. It’s all about good vibes and love, as he also offers an opportunity for revellers to couple up with moving to the music.

With his brilliant vocal range and amazing sense of style, Arrow Bwoy makes simplicity an aesthetic of his music. In reference to a recent post on his social media feeds, he could be on to something major with dancehall Jamaican artiste Demarco. Already, just like Willy Paul, he seems to have grabbed Cecile’s attention, featuring her on “Lika”. Amid these timely observations, it’s the afro-pop conventions he lovingly and expertly invokes that make his growing fanbase confident about the work he puts out.