Horrifying reasons why you need to wash new clothing before wearing

A clothing shop./FILE
A clothing shop./FILE

If you don't already wash new clothing as soon as you buy it, now's the time to start because experts revealed there's a ton of bacteria on the garments that can lead to infections.

Even though it seems like you're buying new clothing when you shop, the clothes are not actually freshly new because they've been tried on by dozens of people before you, leaving behind disgusting germs that can even irritate the skin.

According to experts, although the risk of potentially getting an infection from germ-infested garments is low, it is possible to contract a virus which is why professionals are sharing their tips on how you could avoid any issues.

Tori Patrick, a former retail saleswoman, told

Good Morning America

what really happens behind closed doors at a clothing store.

Whenever a customer tries on clothes, they garments immediately put back on the rack without being checked or cleaned.

Tori confessed to GMA, 'The customer probably gets the wool pulled over their eyes.

'A lot of people just come home and if it has a tag attached, they think it's brand new and they wear it.

'You really never know where it's been,' she continued.

To test just how clean new clothes actually were, GMA enlisted the help of

Dr. Philip Tierno,

professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University.

Dr. Tierno tested 14 different articles of clothing for germs - from shirts to pants and swimsuits.

What he found was a disgustingly large amount of germs on each of the pieces tested.

On one single black and tan shirt he found, 'Representation of respiratory secretions, skin flora and some fecal flora.'

As for what he found on a jacket of all items, 'Evidence of feces, skin flora and respiratory secretions, especially in the armpit and close to the buttocks,' were found.

Perhaps the most disturbing and surprising discovery was the test results from a silk blouse.

Dr. Tierno found, 'Vaginal organisms, yeast and more fecal germs' on the silk top.

That wasn't even the worst of it as he also stated the amount of germs found on clothing from retail stores was so high, it was unusually more than normal.

'Some garments were grossly contaminated with many organisms,' he shared.

The presence of organisms indicated that, 'Either many people tried it or someone tried it on with heavy contamination,' he admitted.

This poses the most important question of whether or not the germs can be dangerous.

'In a sense, you are touching somebody's arm pit or groin. So you want to be protected, that's all,' Dr. Tierno said.

He continued on saying, 'You may not come down with anything and in most cases you don't but it's potentially possible.'

There are some types of issues you may contract from germ-covered clothing.

One of these issues is a yeast infection, which experts say is possible but highly unlikely.

Another bizarre contracted virus can be,

'A very bad type of diarrhea,' Dr. Tierno shared.

While Dr. Tierno admitted there are other viruses that can be picked up.

'You can also transmit things like the norovirus, stomach virus and MRSA, a staph bacteria,' he said.

'Most people are unaware and think that they can't really catch anything from these clothes because they are dry, they are on the rack and they are new.

'They are not realizing that numerous individuals try them on and contact certain parts of their body that may transmit potential pathogens,' Dr. Tierno warned.

Aside from washing your clothes immediately after buying them, Dr. Tierno also suggests wearing undergarments that cover up your body while trying on clothes and washing your hands immediately after shopping.

Enrique Ramirez, esthetician and founder of

Face to Face NYC

told DailyMail.com, 'Departments stores are focused on sales, which leads to less care about keeping their clothing line clean.

'People come in and trying things on but whatever they don't fit in goes back on the rack for other eager suspects to try them on again.

'By the time the luxury clothes or baseman sales leave the store it has accumulated quite the unfortunate bacteria or unwanted germs coming from uncovered human crevices or folds, eek!

'That's how you can get fungus or contact dermatitis - an itchy red reaction!'

Meanwhile, Lora Condon, celebrity aesthetician, author and founder of

Beauty Buster

told DailyMail.com, 'There is no way to know what was on someone else's body before they tried on the same outfit.

'This is especially true for bathing suits and undergarments because you could potentially contract any kind of bacteria or fungal infection, or even bed bugs.'

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