Trendsetter: Kagwe Mungai's inconsistency is disheartening

Kagwe Mungai
Kagwe Mungai

You must have witnessed or fallen victim to Kagwe Mungai's infectious charm. As he lives his life in the spotlight, he can have girls and other interested parties swooning over his effect. He is quite the trendsetter, despite not having a visible personality. Again, you must give it to him for attempting to atmospherically transcend genres.

Since he joined the music industry in 2011, his music has always aimed directly at the core of the issues. He has never shied

away from expressing love, lust and his hedonistic nature. Again, he has always been familiar with the dynamics of recording party tunes: he understands how to fit in. But, unfortunately, that could be as far as his success story goes.

Throughout his

career, we've experienced

moments when his

tracks don't stray away from the formula of good music. His latest release featuring Nigerian singer Niniola, "Till The End", is a perfect example of a track where he appears to be aware of his strengths. His extensive


seems to present more of these moments, but somehow, there are various incidences of unsteadiness.


in a while, Kagwe seems to be exerting serious effort towards the creation of his works. At other times, he completely loses touch with his inner stillness and creative power. It's in instances like "Nyumbani", "Doctor" and "Baas" where listeners are

left thinking that the artiste has mistakenly fallen into the contemporary

urban category.

Maybe the criticism regarding his work ethic might be considered harsh, but it is what it is. For a fact, Kagwe basks in the delight generated by his admirable qualities and often forgets that it's about being profound rather than fun. He doesn't seem to want it as bad as any great creative would.

It is every fan's desire to enjoy music with a sense of comforting warmth and familiarity. It's only right if a track's creative touch is compatible with its successor as well as its antecedent. Only that way will an artiste be considered the epitome of good taste. Moving forward, this is one

quality that Kagwe ought to incorporate

in his works.