Waiting to seal the deal in business is an art that demands patience

Business waiting
Business waiting

I dislike waiting. It’s not my idea of fun. I do it only when necessary, otherwise, I don’t see the point. If things are not quick, we assume there’s something wrong. We’ve been programmed for the instant —

patience seems obsolete.

But life happens and it turns out that waiting is essential to our existence. Life is skilled at scheduling seasons of waiting. During these seasons, we’re made to chew on some ‘patience pie’ and just wait! We may not like it, but that’s the way it is. As we go through this process, we’re reminded that waiting is part of the package.

There are opportunities that aren’t ripe for picking and providence puts them on pause. Other times, we’re simply not ready for what we want, even if we think we are. Or, it’s the right opportunity, but you’re in the wrong place, relationships, or have inadequate emotional support. In waiting, we (and our environment) are reshaped and transformed to better fit our dreams. Waiting isn’t always bad.

In business, waiting isn’t strange. You pitch and have to wait for an outcome, wait to get paid or for your business to get off the ground — the list is endless. At such times, you may not have much control of the process, and would need to have the stamina to face it. Seasoned entrepreneurs are careful to build the inner strength required for such moments. If waiting is life’s reality, can you get better at it? You can with these three simple steps.

Every wait ends

Those who are successful at waiting know this principle. It’s an important mental poise. For you to survive (or thrive during) the waiting process, you should understand that every wait comes to an end. It’s a law!

Nelson Mandela’s jail term was going to end. Colonialism in Africa as we knew it wasn’t going to last forever, and the Berlin Wall was eventually going to fall. Likewise, every wait happening to you now will be over at some point. It’s a simple fact that’s vital to the process. This helps you through the tough times. Also, it’s encouraging to know that the holding pattern will somehow end.

Identify the gains

Since waiting is part of life’s process, you can’t wait for nothing. You should be paid somehow. It may not be monetary or material, but it could be a change in perspective (a new lesson), character or output. I’ve decided that every waiting season would yield something positive for me at the end. Anyhow, I win.

So when life gets you on a hold pattern, ask yourself: What do I want to get out of this wait? What benefits do I want to leave with by the time its over? How will this profit me? Sometimes it’s painful to wait, but even that should pay. However, it’s your responsibility to glean from the season. Every wait should pay.

Get busy

Waiting doesn’t mean that we sit around doing nothing. We’re in a process that requires that we change focus, not be inactive. While you wait, create something. Put your mind to work. I wrote my first two books while on hold. As I waited, I realised it was good reflection time and I went to work.

Are you currently on hold? What are you going to do while you wait? What are you going to create now that you have some time? Remember, the wait will end. What will be your takeaway? Create it. Waiting is a creative space designed by life with unique tools for you to create amazing work. Take advantage!

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