Inner Journey

Picture of the sun above water. Photo/Courtesy
Picture of the sun above water. Photo/Courtesy

We are all in search of something.

Not one person in the entire world is free from need, want and desire.

All are entrapped.

Those that do not see this true nature of the world that is full of suffering, pain and broken dreams, get consumed by it. \

The awakened see the trap and change their path of life, and instead reset their course to the ultimate destination.

That divine destination within the reach of every human soul, but many are alien to it.

It is that place where peace dwells and it radiates the warmth of God.

Since the beginning of man’s existence, the latter has been in search of peace which continually eludes him and centuries have past without it coming into our grasp.

The reason why peace has eluded man is because he has been searching for it in all the wrong places, and in the wrong ways.

Only one place does he rarely look and that is where it lies .

Man’s nature is Godly, but he must recover it, having squandered it over an aimless living.

Your existence in this world means something – it means that you have probably been on earth before this, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of times before.

Man is an errant creature, but he is the only creation to possess the potential and ability to correct his being.

Once he realises who he is and who God is and what contract has been signed between the two, he will begin to make way towards the Path of Light and tear himself away from the deep dens of darkness.

We are all dwellers in these dark pits and the only way to come out of them, if we really want to, is through Divine Grace that retrieve those souls that have awoken to the Truth and have quietened their mind’s desires, wishes, dreams, aspirations and goals and churned them down into one – to merge with the Maker.

The least likeliest of places that one ever looks into in search of peace is none else than within the soul - a speck of God.

This speck of light is so brilliant, warm and powerful that it has the potential of lighting up the entire world.

But in this world, man does not need any more Light than that which already has been placed within him.

The human soul’s Godly nature cannot be fully realised if the teachings of the Divine Word does not become its protective encasing.