Artists don't fear failure

Bridget Riley's 'The Bridge at Courbevoie', 1959, and Kiss, 1961
Bridget Riley's 'The Bridge at Courbevoie', 1959, and Kiss, 1961

Artists do fail, their ideas do crash. When it comes to creativity, failure is inevitable. But artists evaluate, modify and try again. Artists prevail. They know that creating anything of worth takes a while, and the success is often down to the things originally planned morphing into something different, as long as you are open to possibilities.

Bridget Riley (born 1931), an important contemporary abstract artist, started as an Impressionist painter. For years she could not find her unique 'voice', producing fine and colourful, but unoriginal work. Once, trying to reflect on an unhappy relationship, she painted an unusual to her black painting with a white line. The painting expressed her unequal and tense relationship perfectly. She called it 'Kiss', and it marked her discovering a new technique and style that brought her self-realisation and recognition!

Creative people approach challenges gradually, experimenting and taking informed risks. They ask no permission to test their talents. They know that to be creative is not only their birthright, but also the need. Whether creating companies, products or paintings, they are determined to find that 'creative voice'. This makes them daring, confident and wise. And fearless of failure.

Alla Tkachuk is the founder of Art Collector Agency-Kenya