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• He wants to save other families from going through the same agony

Mbogi Genje
Mbogi Genje

Godfrey Lwoyero, a filmmaker and music producer, was inspired to fight extremism after al Shabaab killed his cousin during the dusitD2 attack.

"I lost a cousin during the dusitD2 Terror attack and that really made me want to do these public campaigns to correct narratives used by al Shabaab," Lwoyero said.

He also recalled that he was the only surviving child of his aunt. They had buried his other two sisters a few months before the Dusit attack.

“It was my lowest moment. I felt the need not to allow such a thing to happen to any other family,” he says.

The project, titled, 'Lenga Ugaidi Na Talanta,' is a programme of Epuka Ugaidi, an NGO that specialises in countering violent extremism. The project was started four years ago.

He created the platform to give fellow content creators a chance to use motion pictures to positively impact society.

Lwoyero has used his skills as a music producer and worked with different genres of music, with his main focus being at the ground level and localisation of the Gengetone music, such as the group Mbogi Genje.

"We've engaged local artistes on the conversation against terrorism and other social ills, directing the conversation towards crafting solutions and giving a listening ear to their plight," he said.

"We have also been able to make an impactful presence on that space with the alternative counter-narratives of peace and co-existence.”

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