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• Alinur said he receives negative energy every time he shares a story on how he has helped someone

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Aspiring politician Alinur Mohamed, aka 'Somali Bae', says that he has stopped helping people due to the backlash it elicits.

The aspiring politician said he is going to focus his energy on Kamukunji constituency, where he hopes to become the Member of Parliament in 2022.

"People are very fast to always talk sh*t, but they are never there when someone needs help."

On Friday, he shared that he had met the viral mitumba seller Sande Mayau, and promised to treat him to a holiday vacation and pay his rent for six months.

Some fans accused him of being an opportunist and helping people for the show.

A fan told Alinur, "This guy was making his money kipooole. Now attention seekers have trooped in... You would have either opened a huge boutique for him or empower him in line with his passion."