In Summary
  • Lari MP Mburu Kahangara condemns the act and promises to fence the school.
  • Locals asked the government to improve security.
Lari MP Mburu Kahangara speaking at King'atua primary school.
Lari MP Mburu Kahangara speaking at King'atua primary school.

Pupils from a primary school in Kiambu county whose cabbages meant for Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) exams were stolen, will have their school fenced.

Lari MP Mburu Kahangara said it was shocking to learn people can steal pupils' project, adding that even thieves should know everything they see in a primary schools might involve CBC.

“People should know that anything we see in our school might be  a CBC project. Let us all take care while handling things. It might belong to your child, a nephew, a niece, a grandchild or a child who is so close to you,” he said.

He was speaking to King'atua Primary School parents who were led by board of management, teachers and pupils on Thursday.

The legislator said his CDF committee will set aside Sh3.9 million towards renovating and fencing of the school.

"We know apart from fencing the school, the roofs of all classrooms are leaking, they also appear old and dirty. They need some painting," he said.

The BOM chairman Wilson Githua told the meeting that CBC invigilators who were marking the candidates practicals had difficulties when they found the cabbages harvested.

Githua said the thieves even destroyed cabbages which were not ready for harvesting last week.

"We were shocked when we heard that our pupil’s project had been stolen and destroyed," he said.

"We had a hard time calming down our pupils who cried the whole day, especially when they remembered how they had worked hard on them," he said.

Githua who was with the school head teacher Jane Kaihura, had welcomed Kahangara and Equity Bank officials who presented the school with a storage tank.

Kahangara urged residents to support leaders and the government while they embark on supporting the learners to improve performance.

"We aim at improving the schools infrastructure so that the pupils in public schools and those in private ones have a level playing field. We motivate them to earn better grades, to outshine the past classes," he said.

Another parent Sheila Njoki said the issue of people stealing food crops in the area was rife.

She noted that among those being targeted were cabbages, carrots, spinach and potatoes.

“The thieves sell them at a throw away price to traders who pack them to be sold in markets in urban areas or nearby hotels. We appeal to the government to improve security,” Njoki said.


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