Dear parents, homeschooling is a viable option

Parents and guardians increasingly taking up homeschooling for their children

In Summary

• In Kenya, there is an increased numbers of parents and guardians putting their children through the homeschooling model

• Sunrise Homeschooling offers good quality and has true advantages over traditional schooling

Sunrise Homeschooling model offers valuable options
Sunrise Homeschooling model offers valuable options
Image: Sunrise Homeschooling

Akinyi has two children and she has been working from home since March 2020. When schools closed, her schedules changed and she found it even more convenient to be at home with her children and do activities together. They created such a strong bond over the months that when schools re-opened later in the year, she and her husband did not see the need to have the children go back to school. The deliberately opted for the convenience of homeschooling.

 The pandemic's effects opened a new scope of considerations for parents and guardians, with many opting to have their children learn from home in order to stay safe. Homeschooling is not a new concept in Kenya. Now, with a huge renewal of interest in having been witnessed in many households across the country, there begs the question: where do you get the best quality? Again, there's also the thought of what curriculum to pursue for your child based on your preference. Sunrise Homeschooling is one institution that fills this gap.

What exactly is homeschooling

Homeschooling is simply the model of schooling where children receive formal education at home and without having to attend traditional school/classes. It is expected of the parent or guardian to offer requisite support and guidance to their children in learning.

With Sunrise Homeschooling, the institution sets in to assist the parents by offering the following:

  • Quality education though online classes that covers the syllabus on time
  • Classes conducted by fully qualified teachers, widely experienced and fully registered by TSC and international bodies
  • Registration of the children with the government for national examinations
  • Provision of examination centers for national exams
  • Setting and certifying assignments and exams
  • The institution sends the parents monthly performance report forms
  • Providing support to parents in acquiring learning materials

Features of Sunrise Homeschooling include:

  • 1:1 Tutor Support
  • Full accreditation
  • 24/7 Learning
  • Easy Payments
  • Phone/Computer Financing
  • Online Exams
  • 100% Quality
  • Expert Tutors

The benefits of Homeschooling

Sunrise Homeschooling's model has numerous benefits to children over the traditional schooling model including:

1. Quality – There is a guarantee of fully fledged, robust teaching and tuition services and in full compliance with the curriculum of the parent's choice. The teachers are fully qualified, widely experienced and registered with Teachers service commission and international bodies for international curricula.

2. Safety – in the light of Covid-19 pandemic and its effects, the children enrolled in this program will receive full syllabus as per the Ministry of Education guidelines from the safety from your home. It is the safest model of schooling both for parents and teachers.

3. Cost – Parents and guardians stand to save big on school fees and transport costs. The income of many families has been presently affected by the pandemic and it will be a welcome relief to note that parents are reporting up to 80% savings of schooling costs with Sunrise Homeschooling. Quality education does not have to be expensive!

3. Convenience – Now children will not need to wake up at 5.00AM to catch the bus and avoid traffic or spend hours stuck in jam. In some traditional schooling settings, students have been enrolled to schools up to 30km away from home. These children take between 1 to 2 hours commuting in the morning and in the evening. This results in inevitable fatigue and the cascading effect is that they don't learn well. Sunrise homeschooling is devoid of this because the classes start well after breakfast with sufficient breaks in between classes.

4. Relaxed learning – Timetables are drawn to allow the children have relaxed class schedules and still cover the syllabus in time.

5. Extra-curricular activities – Sunrise Homeschooling takes play time into serious consideration as this is critical to a child’s development. The institution has worked on arranged schedules that will allow students to participate in extra-curricular activities at least once every week, for different localities at different times. Such will include sporting, dance, music, biking et-cetera.

6. Holistic family benefits – In countries where homeschooling is largely practiced like USA, UK, South Africa, it has been reported that stronger family ties emerge. A child’s behaviors is majorly modeled by the parent or guardian which significantly increases the chances of children's good manners and behavior, industriousness, poise and development into well-balanced members of society.

Legal Status Of Homeschooling In Kenya

The law clearly stipulates the obligation of parents/guardians and the government to ensure their children obtain basic education. There is no law against homeschooling your children in Kenya. In fact, there is a legal precedent that homeschooling is acceptable as the traditional schooling.

In addition, the government requires private students to register for national exams and Sunrise Homeschooling ensures all students due for national exams are registered as such. The institution provides certified examination centers and all along the education journey, they will ensure parents and students are kept abreast with the policies in the education sector and always act as the link between the students/parents and the government.

How to enroll with Sunrise Homeschooling

Whether 8-4-4, 2-6-3-2 or IGCSE curriculum, you can enroll your child today and let them learn and grow right from home.

Simply visit to register or call 0704 007 008

Give your child quality & affordable education from the comfort of your home.
Give your child quality & affordable education from the comfort of your home.
Image: Sunrise Homeschooling

Teachers also have an opportunity to be recruited. The minimum requirements to be considered for 844/2-6-3-2/IGCSE primary school / high school teaching opportunities include

- Degree or diploma qualification - 5 years minimum teaching experience - Registration with TSC/International bodies

For teachers who would like to work with Sunrise homeschooling, fill out the form on this link (