Kenya should make use of US trade pact to boost economy

Launch of direct flights between Nairobi, New York in 2018 will ease transport

In Summary

• Air transport will enable different persons to travel from the USA to come and see the tourist attraction sites hence boost nation's economy. 

• With pact, Kenyans look forward to more vibrant trade and rejuvenation of the tourism industry. 

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter.
RICH IN AGRICULTURE, TOURISM: US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter.
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The USA is one of the world’s biggest markets and this is seen as a reason many countries seek to enter into trade deals with it.

The trade pact which seeks to expand the mutual trade between Kenya and the US will enable Kenya to secure more business opportunities which are beneficial to us as a nation whose major exports are in agriculture and tourism.

One of the boosted components of the trade pact is air transport where countries have agreed to set cargo hubs within their jurisdictions. This means a lot for Kenya being one of the counties in Africa with rich agriculture and tourist attraction sites. Air transport will enable tourists to come and view the tourist attraction sites.

This will consequently result in a boosted economy for Kenya. The trade pact between the two nations seems to have come at a good time following the launch of direct flights between Nairobi and New York in 2018. This was aimed at easing travel between the two as well as boosting trade.

As for Kenya, being able to do a trade exchange items with the US means the country will highly reap from it and this will enable us to build a strong economic background. With the trade agreement, I am looking forward to a more vibrant trade and rejuvenation of the tourism industry for Kenya that will greatly and positivity impact on our gross domestic product.

With this trade and building of the country’s financial strength, Kenya is bound to enlarge its borrowing limit from the World Bank as well as other developed countries. This would ensure Kenya uses this opportunity to rebrand itself and its strength in managing resources.

Further, it will mean Kenya is capable of fighting the poverty that still puts down the common citizen year in year out.