BBI will serve its purpose if all political interest is removed

We must use this chance to engage BBI on how to improve governance

In Summary

• BBI debate complicated by the interest of leaders in political positions that will open up three years from now. 

• Intention of political class must be shifted towards eliminating negative ethnicity, violence rather than securing positions in leadership. 

Handshake illustration.
BRING PEACE: Handshake illustration.

At the heart of democracy are undeniable rights of citizens to express their opinions without fear of discrimination or unfair treatment.

Unfortunately, in many parts around the world, oppressive political systems continue to limit the enjoyment of universal human rights. 

Keen observation of endless utterances by the political class points to an underlying interest that citizens must be cognisant of unless they fall victims in the path of nation-building.

At the heart of the Building Bridges Initiative is the need to unite the nation around national ethos and build an all-inclusive state where regardless of tribe or political affiliations-we all feel represented in governance.

But the political class seems to be all about keeping their bases, winning the next election and succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta–and not so much how to bring to an end negative ethnicity, corruption and stabilise the struggling economy. This is where the intentions and motives of the ruling and opposing political class must be shifted against all odds for BBI to succeed.

Rather than seeking to maintain moral and fiduciary responsibility offered to them by the virtue of their elected position, many politicians will debate the report's probability to inject new life and energy to help them to stay relevant. 

At the gameplay are the jubilee and ODM leaders who are locking horns with deep interested to succeed Uhuru. Another factor that is likely to complicate honest discussion of the report is the declared interest of the Deputy President in the presidency in 2022. 

The latest change of tune by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen amongst other pro-DP leaders to support the process should be lauded rather being seen to have a hidden agenda. To succeed, we must bring all Kenyans on board-while being cautious of the political class often with hidden agenda.