Leaving travellers stranded after PSV checks is insensitive

Hundreds of commuters were left by the roadside after vehicles they were travelling in got impounded

In Summary

• Stranding travellers exposes them to other dangers such as wildlife and thugs. 

• Traffic police should offer alternative means of transport for affected passengers. 

Passengers book to travel to Western.
CLAMOUR FOR A SEAT: Passengers book to travel to Western.
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Hundreds of commuters were forced to spend part of their Christmas festivity in the cold following offensive police crackdown on vehicles ferrying holidaymakers to rural homes and other destinations to celebrate Christmas.

Inconvenienced commuters were bitterly against the action.

The ailing, women and children were the most hard hit. Children were heard crying due to the harsh weather conditions. Why can’t the police conduct the crackdown to get rid of all the unroadworthy vehicles a month ahead of the festival? Why on that actual day?

Inasmuch as the state has been making reforms to improve the roads and reduce traffic deaths, leaving a busload of people–children included–stranded by the roadside in the dark beats this logic.

Why impound and detain a bus fully loaded with passengers without offering an alternative means of transportation for the commuters to reach their destination? If they were to all be attacked by wild animals, who would the police blame?

Officers will say the passengers were wrong for boarding an unroadworthy matatu but considering the season, commuters prefer to board the most convenient bus to escape thugs in the city, secure their belongings and themselves. The city gangs themselves are trying to ‘fish’ something for Christmas, hence they target any character looking confused and too focused on anything other than their properties. 

Most families are also travelling with their children, which also adds the bulk of luggage, increasing the chances of a parent boarding the next matatu as opposed to waiting for one that squeaks less. Why expose passengers to the wildlife in the name protecting them? This is committing wrong to prevent another.