Open State House to public tours on holidays at a fee

It would give citizens a memorable experience while expanding tax base

In Summary

• It could be opened on national holidays for limited reservations. 

• With enough security protocol, public may be able to enjoy visiting the highest seat in the country. 

State House, Nairobi.
HIGHEST SEAT: State House, Nairobi.
Image: FILE

President Uhuru Kenyatta should consider opening State House to public tours.

State House belongs to Kenyans and they should be allowed to experience, explore, discover and enjoy the sight of the highest seat on the land.

With some security protocols and renovations put in place, it should be possible to allow public tours, by reservation, of certain rooms or areas of the building. It can also be opened to the public on selected and national holidays through limited reservations.

A small fee can be charged as a way to broaden the tax base while making citizens feel welcome to explore the most powerful office at their service.

This could also serve as a memorable gesture by President Kenyatta to the masses during his final years of serving them.