Give pregnant teens time before enrolling them in Form One

They might face stigma from their fellow students making them too uncomfortable to study

In Summary

• Stigma may lead to bigger issues such as depression, putting at risk their health and that of their babies'. 

• Proceeding to Form 1 immediately should not be seen as a matter of life and death. 

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The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education that expectant children be allowed to proceed to Form 1 is not right, neither for themselves, the other students and society at large.

The girls will be too uncomfortable, physically and socially, to concentrate on studies, especially following stigma by the others.

As much as it will help them continue with their studies, it will raise other issues they may not be able to deal with which may put at risk their health and that of their unborn babies’. They should be allowed to deliver, given a year then be admitted to school.