Leaders’ walk fast compromising their talk on BBI report

Heavy rains haven't prevented BBI meetings but couldn't let Matiang'i visit West Pokot

In Summary

• Initiative is taking a different dimension than the one it was created for. 

• Parliamentarians already divided by report meant to build bridges because they cannot agree on matters power. 

Leaders during the BBI launch at the Bomas of Kenya on November 27
CANNOT AGREE: Leaders during the BBI launch at the Bomas of Kenya on November 27

The Friday Kirinyaga meeting attended by several Cabinet secretaries, governors and MPs that was partly marred by chaos and differences among leaders is a clear indication that the Building Bridges Initiative is taking a different dimension than the intended purpose.

The matter is now becoming an avenue for leaders to settle political scores ahead of 2022 at the expense of uniting Kenyans. But what is annoying most is the fact that Interior Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i, who is in charge of Interior ministry including humanitarian efforts, mobilised the high huge leadership to mere fundraising in Kirinyaga while residents of West Pokot are mourning more than 60 lives and looking for several others still missing.

Other parts of the country are also witnessing heavy rains that have led to deaths and destruction of property subjecting the people to starvation, lack of shelter and clothing. Yet, BBI seems to be more important tha any other agenda in the country at the moment.

What’s the role of Matiang’i and his group in this BBI issue? Has he been promised the Prime Minister slot? Why is it that those leaders who have been supporting the BBI from the onset are now against the implementation of the recommendations by Parliament?

Senate and Parliament are the Houses of people’s representatives and it’s even interesting that some of the MPs say they have no faith in themselves to implement the report. BBI will further divide Kenyans as the government is even divided down the middle. 

Matiang’i should concentrate on the job he was employed to do and leave politics to politicians.  Otherwise, Kenyans might start thinking there is a hidden agenda behind the report threatening to cause a massive rift.