BBI about meeting halfway, we can’t all okay every change

If we gave platform for everyone to change something, it would never be implemented

In Summary

• We should implement the current constitution to suit our needs instead of changing it again. 

• Making proposals then changing them again ends up changing everything back. 

Building Bridges handshake
MIDDLE GROUND: Building Bridges handshake

The referendum route is likely to have a divisive effect as some leaders want it to be passed by Parliament while others want it to be democratically passed by the people.

Instead of amending the Constitution every now and then, let’s implement the current one to suit our needs. Making changes to the document every few years means we will never implement most of the ones we made in the previous amendments.

In the same way, changing the BBI report even before we try the recommendations made so far will just take us down the same road of proposing changes without doing anything to achieve them. 

They end up being changed back in the cycle denying us even the first proposals we recommended. BBI has not changed anything, only titles have changed.