Tame gangs in boda sector before they become a threat

They harass motorists In case of an accident whether at fault or not

In Summary

• These riders flout traffic rules in front of officers. 

• Some of them use their bikes to escape after committing a crime. 

Boda boda operators in Busia
CRIME WITHIN SECTOR: Boda boda operators in Busia
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The boda boda industry has turned into a monster. B

oda boda riders now behave as lawless gangs openly breaking road rules in front of traffic police. In an accident they gang up and beat up, harass, rob, burn and even murder motorists whenever they are involved in an accident - whether at fault or not.

Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai, the Ministry of Transport and the National Transport and Safety Authority must urgently tame the boda boda riders some of whom are known criminals.

Tame them before they become a national threat.