Only prayers will beat ‘dark powers’ at Likoni Channel

A man jumped off the MV Harambee, same that killed two in September

In Summary

• Search for the man's body still ongoing, he is said to have just stood up and dived to his death. 

• Some locals believe there are supernatural spirits pulling people into the ocean for blood. 

The MV Harambee ferry
CURSED VESSEL?: The MV Harambee ferry
Image: FILE

On Sunday night, a man jumped into the deep waters of Indian Ocean off the MV Harambee ferry and the search for his body is ongoing. According to reports, the man just walked to the prow and dived.

This is the very ferry off which a car slid and plunged into the ocean killing its two occupants Mariam Kighenda, 35, and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu in September.

The government spokesman during the recently concluded rescue missions of the wreckage said, “There’s another world down there, forests, terrains, mountains...”

Perhaps what the country is witnessing is supernatural and there are spirits pulling people down there for their blood as some locals believe, and this can only be addressed with prayers for all those crossing the Likoni channel.