Atwoli should stick to unionist role, stop playing DP’s critic

He seems undisturbed by thousands of workers losing jobs

In Summary

• Trade unionist told DP Ruto to first seek the forgiveness of retired President Moi and his blessings to succeed Uhuru. 

• DP's presidential bid should not be of concern to Atwoli as Ruto has not asked him for help. 

Cotu Secretery General Francis Atwoli
RUTO'S PERSONAL CRITIC: Cotu Secretery General Francis Atwoli

The continuous criticism of Deputy President William Ruto by the Cotu Secretary  General Francis Atwoli over the ongoing debate on the Building Bridges Initiative is baseless and unwarranted.

Atwoli appears to be a man with an enormous political chip in his shoulder especially when it comes to matters relating to the Deputy President. Over the weekend, he told the DP to seek retired president Daniel Moi’s forgiveness before he can succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This was after he earlier said Ruto’s name would not be on the ballot papers in 2022. His continuous negative outbursts on Ruto show that he has abandoned the workers’ plight to play useless politics. And one wonders whether he is on a warpath to discredit or damage the personal character of Ruto.

But it is sad that hundreds of jobs including those in Mumias Sugar Factory, the home of Atwoli, are being lost but the unionist seems less shaken by this than the life of Ruto. First, why is Ruto’s presidential bid of concern to Atwoli yet the former has not asked him for any help in clinching the position? It is laughable for Atwoli to continue telling Kenyans that President Kenyatta would become the Prime Minister when his constitutional term comes to an end in 2022 as if he is the one who dictates the political field.

It is primitive for someone of Atwoli’s calibre to criticise the DP ‘for opposing’ BBI whose outcome is yet to be made public yet he (Atwoli) is busy telling Kenyans to support it. Has he seen the contents of the unreleased report? Ruto has made it clear Kenyans have the final say on whether to change the Constitution. Atwoli should stick to his lane and carry on with the activities the workers elected him to do.