Bus hailing services a threat to cartels in matatu industry

Police officers known to run illegal matatu businesses now harassing drivers

In Summary

• These cartels fighting change because they are threatened by the competition. 

• Police officers running matatu business in conflict of interest. 

One of the shuttles used by SWVL
'UNFAIR' COMPETITION: One of the shuttles used by SWVL

There is a saying that ‘the only constant in life is change’.

Bus hailing apps like Swvl and Little Shuttle are disrupting the chaotic matatu business and some people are not happy.

Traffic police have begun harassing the drivers with some openly saying the services are messing the matatu business. The harassment also inconveniences passengers.

It is known that many police officers illegally own matatus which is a conflict of interest, and they are threatened by the competition. The government should allow competition in all industries.

The National Transport and Safety Authority, COFEK and Competition Authority should ensure these bus hailing services are allowed to operate smoothly.

Let the transport cartels not fight change; it inconveniences citizens most.