Measures needed to prevent cheating in national examination

Public should share info on malpractice to ensure cheats are nabbed

In Summary

• Security of containers storing exam papers should be well guarded by trustworthy and high-integrity officials. 

• Teachers need to cover syllabus on time to give learners time to revise, parents should reduce pressure on their children, encourage them to work hard for grades. 

Candidates sit the national primary exam KCPE
RAISE CHILDREN OF HONOUR: Candidates sit the national primary exam KCPE
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The 2019 KNEC exam period has just started for both the Standard 8 and Form 4 candidates and the questions that linger in the minds of the majority of Kenyans is whether it will escape the irregularities witnessed in past exams.

To have a national examination that is free from cheating, the state requires all stakeholders to work together as a team. This involves the open sharing of information that relates to malpractice and measures put up to curb the same. The Ministry of Education should put up a sustained and effective campaign to promote the credibility of the national exam council.

This involves ensuring officials mandated with overseeing the process are trustworthy and competent. Most leakages occur as a result of exams officials’ laxity. This exposes the exam papers to criminals.

The government should beef up the security of the containers holding exam papers. Shortening the distance between the examination centre and storage containers will not expose the exams papers to corrupt officials who take advantage of the long distances to tamper with the papers.

Teachers should ensure the learners are well prepared by covering the syllabus at the right time. This will give students and pupils ample time to revise the full curriculum and practise on the past papers.

Students resolve to cheating due to pressure from their parents and guardians to pass. Parents need to encourage their children as opposed to bashing them and giving them ultimatums for not getting the expected grades.

Stern action should also be taken against those nabbed trying to disrupt the exam process or facilitating malpractice to teach others with similar intentions a lesson.