Police commission should probe rising suicides in service

Officers should come out and voice the issues affecting them in line of work

In Summary

• Officers could be going through hardships without anyone knowing about it. 

• Some junior officers have come out on social media citing mistreatment from their superiors. 

Police officers at the Isiolo police station
HARD LINE OF WORK?: Police officers at the Isiolo police station

Even before the National Police Service Commission investigates why cases of suicide among police officers have increased, it should seek answers as to whether the officers are mistreated or unhappy at work.

Lately, the number of suicides being reported in the service could mean that a good number of our officers are suffering in silence yet no one is in the know. Some junior officers have decried mistreatment on social media.

NPSC should provide psychiatric support to their members regularly. Cops should also open up on matters affecting them.