In addition to firing KFS board, all ferries should be revamped

Vehicles trapped in the ocean should also be retrieved as they are a reminder of agony at the channel

In Summary

• Action to fire the board members was late as lives had already been lost. 

• A yard of vehicles was discovered on the sea bed during the retrieval of the tragedy car in which two people died. 

The Likoni ferry crossing channel
AGEING VESSELS: The Likoni ferry crossing channel

The President’s move to fire the Kenya Ferry Services board members was too late considering the damage that had already been done.

There is a whole yard of vehicles still lying at the bottom of the sea for decades. These vehicles have been sliding off the Likoni ferry vessels without being retrieved.

The state should have ordered several new vessels to replace the ageing ones or order for renovation of the existing ones to the required maritime standards. The vehicles lying on the sea bed are just another trail for the public to see the magnitude of damages, injuries, deaths and agony the ferry services have inflicted on the people of the country.

Sending the board home is one step, but it does not prevent further damage at the crossing channel if the same vessels are still used.