Normal family feuds can get ugly, shield children from them

Children are likely to turn out like their parents if they always fight in front of them

In Summary

• Children base their lives on the foundation at home, if it's a warring one, they become violent. 

• Children may also develop social problems due to belittling diction of fights. 

Parents argue in front of their child
LONG-TERM PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS: Parents argue in front of their child

All families have their fair share of arguments as squabbles over who is supposed to do what. But arguments may have lasting impacts on the physical and mental health of children especially if the fights unfold before their eyes.

Verbal fights also escalate to contemptuous and belittling putting children at an increased risk of social and psychological problems.

Children may turn out like their parents in handling everyday problems. Parents, therefore, should settle their disputes amicably. This will form the foundation on which children base their lives.