Too many Kenyans dying in the hands of trigger happy cops

Embu deputy OCS shot a matatu driver over what could have been solved amicably

In Summary

• Police officers exercise authority violently just because they wield a gun. 

• Trigger happy cops should be shown the door immediately after the crime. 

A photo of a gun and bullets
DRUNK WITH POWER: A photo of a gun and bullets
Image: FILE

In Embu, a deputy OCS shot and seriously injured a matatu driver who is now hospitalised over what could have been solved with dialogue or the right arrest procedure if he was wrong.

Kenyans are living at the mercy of police officers who exercise authority violently because they wield a gun. Trigger happy police officers should be shown the exit door immediately after committing such crimes.

Many innocent Kenyans have died in the hands of cops intoxicated with power and sometimes even alcohol. Such cops even plant weapons on citizens to justify their act.