Tighten noose on defilers to reduce rising infant murders

Teens throw away babies after birth out of fear their parents will neglect them

In Summary

• Minors are defiled even by members of their families, making it harder to report. 

• Infant murders are increasing, most of which are a result of defilement. 

NO BAIL: Predator

Many minors have been defiled either by their parents or members of their community resulting in abortion and school dropouts.

Cases of teenage girls getting pregnant, giving birth then throwing the infants in latrine are raising an alarm. Some of them throw away the babies to be able to go back to school or out of fear their parents will punish or neglect them.

Only very harsh laws will protect these teens from predators by locking them up for a very long time. Anyone charged with defilement should also be denied bail to protect other minors.