Punish teenage mothers ditching babies after birth

Cases are on the rise with infants being discovered in weird places

In Summary

• Perpetrators dump infants to avoid responsibility after birth. 

• Cases can be attributed to lack of knowledge of sexual health. 

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Infant murder ought to be eradicated from society.

Young babies are found thrown in weird places and left there hopelessly. Recently, residents of Bomet county were shocked after they found a body of an infant in Nyongores River, the perpetrator most likely hasty to ditch responsibility after giving birth.

Other cases have been reported all around the country, with some of those infants being saved and their mothers found. The rising cases reported in the country and can consequently be attributed to rising cases of teenage pregnancy which results from lack of knowledge on sexual and reproductive health.

Such barbaric acts should be discouraged and offenders dealt with accordingly. Open age-appropriate sexual education should be provided also.