Grill all former KRA officials to catch elusive tax dodgers

Tax evasion dates from past years

In Summary

• Companies and individuals should pay tax to enable the smooth functioning of government. 

• Tax evaders should have their property confiscated to repay the governent. 

The KRA headquarters at the Times Tower
TAX FRAUD: The KRA headquarters at the Times Tower
Image: FILE

Following claims that two big alcohol manufacturers have failed to pay billions in tax, investigations should be extended to nab other companies.

Going by the fact that tax evasion dates from past years, holders of office at the Kenya Revenue Authority during that time should be grilled. Tax evasion could be the possible reason why the taxman does not meet set revenue targets.

Companies that do not pay tax should have their accounts frozen and what they have confiscated to repay the government.

Tax is every citizen’s responsibility.