Cancer has dwarfed other diseases that should be addressed

People find it less shameful to say a relative died from cancer than HIV/Aids

In Summary

• Other conditions exist and are claiming lives also, despite cancer being the biggest health threat in the country. 

• Citizens should not hide their diseases behind cancer for fear of stigma. 

Banner indicating free cancer screening
HEALTH THREATS: Banner indicating free cancer screening

Despite cancer being the biggest health threat in Kenya today, it is not the only condition that threatens citizens.

Cancer has dwarfed all other deadly diseases due to recently reported deaths and diagnoses. It is a non-communicable disease, which makes it favourable to hide behind than HIV/Aids, which communicable and has no known cure just like cancer.

It is easier for many to claim their loved ones died from cancer as many are ashamed to admit a close relative or friend died from the dreaded HIV/Aids. This does not make it okay to hide all other dreadful diseases behind cancer.

So let’s be realistic and truthful enough to disclose what we are really suffering from rather than labelling every ailment cancer. This will make it easier to find solutions and know where the sector stands.