Let Kenyans decide which referendum initiative to support

Selfish politicians want to decide and have citizens follow blindly

In Summary

• Some politicians want to force what they think is best down Wanjiku's throat then a few years later tell them to change it. 

• Citizens are preoccupied with finding jobs, food, school fees and other things of priority. 

Illustration of Punguza Mizigo
DON'T CHOOSE FOR US: Illustration of Punguza Mizigo

Wanjiku is getting fed up with top politicians believing we will blindly follow whatever direction they decide. Mwananchi deserves a break.

We want to make an independent decision on the proposed constitutional amendment; be it Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo or the Building Bridges Initiative.

Selfish politicians want to force all their ideas down our throats then after another two to three years, if the Constitution does not serve them well, they will start calling for another referendum, which they will most probably not let us decide on our own.

Citizens are currently preoccupied with how to get food, school fees, rent, secure jobs in a country where unemployment is making headlines and other issues to think about which constitutional changes are better.